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That was Danni

I come from outside in the forest.
I have to tell you, it is no longer standing.
Everywhere on the pine tops
I saw muddy cops sitting.
And up from the heavenly gate
St. Peter looked out with wide eyes.
“What are you doing with nature?
Why are you so blind and stubborn?
Why do you let the kids down so cowardly?
On trees, bridges, tree poles?
Why are you only sending the police?
Instead of climate protection just a brawl! "

Runway West is unforgettable
Motor for Green Hesse.
That's long gone now.
Tarek is sure to be high today
That the route is finally up and running
And everyday ministerial life continues.
That now the greens show color
Tending from dreary gray to deep black,
Economy clearly ahead of climate protectors,
Will not only benefit the Tarek.
As it was, so it should stay
then nobody needs to show color.
Climate protection is now in jail
That's how it is. Nobody misses anything.

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Dannenröder Forest

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Kloster 9 eV

Rheingau Volksbank

IBAN: DE95 5109 1500 0000 1015 40




[Forwarded from Medienverteiler zum Danni]

📢 Nikolaus meets Danni 🤶🏽

Support the activists with a Santa Claus package and a personal greeting! With parcels from all over the Federal Republic of Germany, the wide range of solidarity with Danni on the Nikolaus day of action on December 6th is to be shown. The parcels are handed in with a public lantern train in the forest. Individual greetings are read out in the stage program. Please write your greeting message in a letter that you stick on the outside of the package and send it to: Gasthof Jakob, attn. Nikolaus meets Danni, Buchhainer Str. 8 in 35315 Homberg.

Pack vegan sweets, nuts, cookies, chips or even an organic toothbrush. If you have an unused power bank with a charging cable or an old internet-enabled cell phone with a charging cable lying around at home, you should also pack it. The devices are urgently needed. Credit for SIM cards e.g. B. from Aldi Talk or CallYa are also needed. Please remember to send the parcel early enough. Swiss Post currently needs a little longer .

With this day of action, the Danni parents and all of Danni's friends want to support and appreciate the activists in the forest in a special way. In the past 13 months you have achieved incredible things in order to initiate a change in values in society in the face of the climate crisis. For this they went to their physical and psychological limits. It's time to say thank you in person! 💚


kartenausschnitt A 49.JPG
Danni Zelt 12-11-2020 - 5.jpg
TT Zelt Danni 12-11-2010.jpeg

That used to be our hip-hop tent . Set up as a social tent on an approved camp at Danni. And now it's history. The following have played in this tent: Ebow, Les Monde est en flammes, Lena Stöhrffekt, Kram aus der Ecke, Murez, PTK, Wallpaper, Alice dee, Mc Rene, Cheschi, Marc Hype, der Ulf, High Risk Area, Schlaaks, Illfish, doz9, the Karl .....

Forest Instead of asphalt, you need a new, large tent. Forest instead of asphalt needs your support. Donation account:

Account: Donations and campaigns IBAN: DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06 BIC: VBMHDE5FXXX Bank: Volksbank Mittelhessen Purpose: none A49

Danni Zelt 12-11-2020 - 4.jpg
Danni Zelt 12-11-2020 -3.jpg

Danni calls out loud.

Tell your buddies and buddies too. Get off the sofa, out into nature for a walk in the woods on September 20, 2020. Found Danni

and today's kids 40 years from now will be cool. For intelligent, not brutal politics.
Everyone who thinks about the climate, water scarcity, climate change, the mobility transition is clear that the planning is out of date and poorly thought out. The BUND's lawsuits were unsuccessful in court. However, the court expects the deficiencies in water protection due to the Europ. Water protection guidelines. Probably not happened. “The only green thing are the police evacuation tanks,” it says on Twitter. The police have been clearing the way for fire protection and probably for clearing the forest since Wednesday.

Many different initiatives support the population in the fight to preserve the 250-year-old forest. Danni needs every support. There is a camp with supplies and entertainment for all walkers and supporters
There is a shuttle service from Campact from Stadtallendorf train station at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.


Signature campaign by the action alliance "No A 49":

photo_2020-09-17_20-46-07-Danni 20-09-20

........ to get to northern and southern Germany faster ..

Today Stadtallendorf is in the middle of Germany, between Frankfurt and Berlin. In the middle of a well-developed network of paths. The motorway exits promised in urban advertising could just as well be federal highway entrances.

Today the area no longer needs economic support, it is located in the middle of Germany, near the major airport and is well connected. Whether a truck reaches its destination via an expressway is irrelevant. Also in the toll.

Stadtallendorf is also the seat of the. Of course, fast connections are also desirable here. But since the army mainly operates from the air, a further expansion of the A 49 should not make any difference. Webnn, it would be better to move the army than to kill the forest.

Ferrero and other large companies will not move from Stadtallendorf due to the lack of a motorway connection.

The clearing of the Danni is anachronistic from every point of view and not worthy of support.

The discussion about water scarcity has just started. Who could ignore that in the face of summer to come?

Liebe Tropen Tangoianer:innen,

schweren Herzens müssen wir euch leider mitteilen, dass 2024 

kein Tropen Tango stattfinden wird. 


Kloster 9 e.V.

Rheingauer Volksbank

IBAN: DE95 5109 1500 0000 1015 40


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