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JUCHHU- and thank you thank you thank you !!! You are mega mega nice !! Project ended successfully. We thank you very much for your dedicated support of our crowdfunding campaign. YES !! We did it again. You can rely on your solidarity. Thanks!! Have fun with our thank you. And again the frog kissed a horse.

Our crowdfunding campaign is over.

Thank you very much for saving the Tropical Tango 2021 !!!! What would we be without you ...

and at all. You are great and super nice. !! We look forward to the handover of sparkling wine, stardust, cakes and karma points on the tropical tango !!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

hein 5.JPG
Danke Rescue 2021.jpg

12 hours left. Final sprint. A little bit is still missing for our next level. Who wants again, who hasn't yet? Who said how what and how often? Then we're through. You and we did what we could. And if more is possible: NOW.
If you still need an Easter present for your rabbit: NOW. If your rabbit likes to eat cake in summer: NOW. Otherwise: we did it nearly. You did it nearly. Just great. We can do it (-: Thank you very much. Thank you for your creative commitment !!!!!! Tropical Tango - we gonna rock it. Now we are excited (((((-:

ttsticker2021_2021-02-27_CMYK -400.jpg
TT Handyhüllen Übersicht.jpg

Time is running .... only 8 days left ..out ...... Our start next action is counted. Will we make it to the next level of € 14,400? Are you still there? Already 5 € help, you have brought us this far, the last few days we are back in top form, polishing the capsule and dusting the instruments. For the Tropical Tango 2021 - whatever. Somehow. Therefore: donate, share, like ... is important. Also as a signal. Because it actually goes on and on. No end in sight.

Please help us so that subculture survives in the hinterland forest and the stepphire rocks (-:

front startnext.JPG

The best thank you is yours. Check it out. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

tt 2019 clownerie.jpg

WOW!! You are in! We have to set the pace now. We have to raise € 10,000 in donations on Startnext by March 16 . Otherwise we will receive 0 € from your donations. Rescue Tropen Tango is a crash action. Hui. Burn rubber Tropical Tango ((((-: Please support and rescue our festival. Throttle !!!

You have already shown your solidarity impressively. Let the sun come up again. Let's please shine on.

We ask for your donations and for this you will receive our thank you. Sometimes a street on the tropical tango, sometimes a hoody, sometimes a pocket ashtray, sometimes stardust . Check it out and share it with everyone you know. So that we can do it. Can we do it together ?

Final countdown. Just 8 days left for karma points, stardust and keys -

front startnext.JPG

pendant. only 8 days left to save the Tropical Tango in 2021. Please rescue

hein 5.JPG


Kloster 9 e.V.

Rheingauer Volksbank

IBAN: DE95 5109 1500 0000 1015 40


see you 

2. - 4.08.2024

oder vorher in der Crew

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